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Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE), provides an innovative contract talent solution to help insurance professionals stay productive longer, feel valued, and achieve greater work-life balance; and to help insurance firms have continued access to experienced insurance talent regardless of location and at a cost-savings.

Using an innovative work-at-home model, WAHVE contracts skilled vintage insurance professionals to insurance agency, E&S wholesaler, MGA and insurance company clients based on their job needs, full-time or part-time.

WAHVE’s unique qualifying process and technology platform matches the right vintage talent wherever they may live to the needs of our clients wherever their offices are located. WAHVE bridges the gap between insurance firms’ staffing needs and seasoned professionals’ “work-life” balance preferences.

WAHVE provides a special rate for members.

WAHVE Offers

  • Experienced and qualified insurance professionals available to help your business
  • Access to a large talent pool of highly qualified, trained, experienced insurance industry professionals across the country
  • Pay a fixed monthly fee to meet your full time or part time staffing needs
  • Have minimal start-up costs and time
  • Eliminate the worry about health care changes and tax increases
  • Supplement your staff and perform daily back-office tasks and processes and/or customer service, saving 40-50% on staff costs and overhead
  • Free up highly paid staff for increased client and prospect time, increasing retention, new business, revenues and margins

Find out more:
Visit the WAHVE website or contact WAHVE and tell them you’re a member of Big I Michigan to receive a special rate.
Utilizing WAHVE

Staffing Solutions

Utilize WAHVE professionals for full time, part-time or project basis needs.

Full service staffing, including:
  • Live CSR (Commercial or Personal lines)
  • Sales and marketing assistant
  • Claims representative
  • Underwriter
  • Special knowledge expert on hard-to-place or niche lines of business
  • Mentors and trainers
Back office process support, including but not limited to:
  • Preparation of new and renewal business applications
  • Quoting and proposal preparation
  • Loss run ordering and analysis
  • Policy checking
  • Premium audits
  • Certificates issuance
  • Change requests/endorsements
  • Indexing of scanned documents
  • Claims support
  • Excess and surplus lines filings
  • Accounting and finance

It's time to expand your idea of the ideal staffing solution.