Registering for the Exam

What You Need to Know to Register for the Exam

How do I Register for the State Exam?

  1. Create an account on if planning to take the exam in person or go to psionline to schedule an online exam time and follow the instructions to complete the exam registration process.

    - You will need to provide one of the exam numbers listed below and the course code of the course you are taking.

    • Life/Health Self Study Class Review Candidates
      - Provider Code: 0007 MAIA
      - Life Course Code: 64990
      - Health Course Code: 64991

      Exam Numbers:
      - MI Life Accident and Health Producer Combined Exam Number: 16-80
      - MI Life Producer Only Exam Number:16-65
      - MI Accident and Health Producer Only Exam Number: 16-66

    • Property/Casualty Self Study Class Review Candidates
      - Provider Code: 0007 MAIA
      - Property Course Code: 64989
      - Casualty Course Code: 64988

      Exam Numbers:
      - MI Property Producer and Casualty Producer/Solicitor Combined Exam Number: 16-81
      - MI Property Producer/Solicitor Only Exam Number: 16-67
      - MI Casualty Producer/Solicitor Exam Number: 16-68

    • PSI will give you a Confirmation Number.

  2. Go to and click on "Apply for License" and follow the step-by-step instructions. This is where you will pay the State of Michigan $10 for your license and a $5 fee to register with NIPR.

  3. Print your receipt at the time you submit the application

  4. The following are acceptable documents to verify proof of filing the application:
    • Receipt
    • Follow-up document from NIPR
    • Email confirmation that the application has been submitted

  5. Click to review the exam content outline.

  6. Suggested State of Michigan pre-licensing candidate reading.

Bring the Following to the Exam Site

  1. Confirmation numbers from:
    • PSI exam reservation
    • NIPR online application confirmation (if you have already applied)

  2. Government Issued Photo Identification and one other I.D. (i.e. credit card, social security card, birth certificate)