Registering for the Exam

What You Need to Know to Register for the Exam

How do I Register for the State Exam?

  1. Create an account on and follow the instructions to complete the exam registration process.

    - You will need to provide one of the exam numbers listed below and the course code of the course you are taking.

    • Life/Health Self Study Class Review Candidates
      - Provider Code: 0007 MAIA
      - Life Course Code: 64990
      - Health Course Code: 64991

      Exam Numbers:
      - MI Life Accident and Health Producer Combined Exam Number: 16-80
      - MI Life Producer Only Exam Number:16-65
      - MI Accident and Health Producer Only Exam Number: 16-66

    • Property/Casualty Self Study Class Review Candidates
      - Provider Code: 0007 MAIA
      - Property Course Code: 64989
      - Casualty Course Code: 64988

      Exam Numbers:
      - MI Property Producer and Casualty Producer/Solicitor Combined Exam Number: 16-81
      - MI Property Producer/Solicitor Only Exam Number: 16-67
      - MI Casualty Producer/Solicitor Exam Number: 16-68

    • PSI will give you a Confirmation Number.

  2. Go to and click on "Apply for License" and follow the step-by-step instructions. This is where you will pay the State of Michigan $10 for your license and a $5 fee to register with NIPR.

  3. Print your receipt at the time you submit the application

  4. The following are acceptable documents to verify proof of filing the application:
    • Receipt
    • Follow-up document from NIPR
    • Email confirmation that the application has been submitted

  5. Click to review the exam content outline.

  6. Suggested State of Michigan pre-licensing candidate reading.

Bring the Following to the Exam Site

  1. Confirmation numbers from:
    • PSI exam reservation
    • NIPR online application confirmation (if you have already applied)

  2. Government Issued Photo Identification and one other I.D. (i.e. credit card, social security card, birth certificate)