Licensing School

MAIA Licensing School

Self-Study Class Review

The 3-day course and self study allows you to study the material at your convenience, then attend class to have it all put in perspective for you. 

Provider #0007
Course Codes: Property - 64989, Casualty - 64988,
Life - 64990, Health - 64991

Online, On Your Terms

No time for in-class licensing school? MAIA has teamed up with ExamFX to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interactive learning portal, allowing you to navigate through licensing material in the manner that fits your learning style. Whether desktop or on-the-go, you can learn in the environment that suits your needs.

Individual Self-Study

If taking time out of your busy schedule to attend Licensing School doesn't fit your schedule, our self-study materials are a great alternative. Click here for more information on Individual Self-Study Property & Casualty, and here for Individual Self Study Life & Health.