What does it mean for an agency to hold a TQA designation?

It means that someone from the agency completed the TQA program. The designation is then held by the agency and not by the individual.

Why should agencies want to obtain the TQA designation?

Agencies holding the TQA designation are more likely to experience positive business growth, operate their agencies more efficiently and effectively, and develop successful perpetuation plans.

How many classes must a participant complete?

They must complete all eight ()8 TQA sessions.

What is the in-class time commitment for the classes?

Each TQA session includes eight (8) classes starting in March and ending in December. The Foundation session in March is two full days. The remaining seven (7) classes include a “working dinner” on Monday night, with a full day session on Tuesday (8-4PM).

Where are the classes held?

Big I Michigan Offices, 1141 Centennial Way, Lansing, MI 48917

What type of funding is available to subsidize the registration fee and expenses?

Many carriers have historically provided some level of financial reimbursement for the TQA program. Agencies are encouraged to check with their carriers for details.

What happens if you cannot make it to a class?

The program requires you attend 100% of the sessions during the year you register. If you miss one session, you are allowed make it up by attending the same session the following year. Upon completion of that session, and assuming all other program requirements are met, your agency will earn the TQA designation. Absence in more than one session will require you to restart the program.

What are the assignments for TQA?

Attendees must create and submit a strategic plan for their agency by the end of the year, and review that strategic plan with at least one carrier. (Additional assignments may be given).

What are the requirements to maintain an agency’s TQA designation?

A representative of the agency must obtain 6 update credits each year by attending association approved classes.

What programs count towards the TQA update?

Classes designated specifically for the TQA Update are offered at the association's annual Convention. Special Update Seminars may also be available. Agencies can also send employees to the Ultimate Account Manager School or Young Agent Conference for update credit.

What happens to the designation if the individual who went to TQA leaves the agency?

The designation remains with the agency.

What happens to the designation if the agency is sold?

The designation remains with the agency that earned the designation.

What organization created this program?

Big I Michigan in consultation with the membership. Nationally known instructors have been contracted to teach.

How are agencies recognized for having this designation?

Graduates are honored with a plaque to place in their agency’s main office. Agencies are recognized in the Association magazine, at Convention and on the association website.