CultureShoc's Pete Honsberger
(A Virtual Experience for Members Only)
February 23 and 25, 2021

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Pete Honsberger

Pete Honsberger

Pete is an expert in team building and emerging leadership development.
With more than a hundrend successful speaker sessions under his belt, Pete is committed to delivering real value to make your next meeting the best ever.

Drawing on experience as a small business partner, Fortune 500 team building facilitator, and an athlete, Pete helps teams adopt CultureShoc’s “Buffalo Mindset” and genuinely improve their performance. Come for the energy and catchy session titles. Stay for the interesting, helpful and relevant culture training.

Pete is a Board Member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Ohio Chapter, and winner of the 2016 MPI Ohio Supplier of the Year and Cleveland 25 Under 35 Movers & Shakers Award.

Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge
The Strategy Hacker

Troy Sandidge is a Growth Marketing Strategist (aka The Strategy Hacker™) with more than 10 years of experience maximizing revenue, increasing brand authority, and developing social communities through growth strategies, digital systems, and marketing solutions. Client results over $100 million. Work portfolio includes Startups, SMBs, NGOs, and Fortune 100 brands.

As a former Vice President of a Chicagoland Creative Agency and currently the Chief Strategy Officer for National Branding Agency as well as the Founder & CEO of his own strategy consulting firm Strategy Hackers™. Troy is a master at eliminating complex obstacles and creating simplistic pathways to reach desired business goals.

Brands partner with Troy to help them build customized solutions to their business problems
and dilemmas. He leverages the power of the 4 E’s (Engagement, Exclusivity, Experience, & Emotion), relationship marketing, and community building, implementing his C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Framework™, D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™, and Blueprint to L.E.A.D.S.™ to create roadmaps to profitable and sustainable outcomes.

Troy is humbled to be named a Leading Provider of Social Media Marketing Solutions by The New York Weekly and named a Los Angeles Wire’s 30 Under 30!
Gary Kasper

Gary Kasper
IDT Solutions

Gary Kasper is a dedicated and mission driven Identity Theft Expert with more than 13 years in the Identity Theft, Fraud, and Cyber Crime arena. He has assisted more than 900 individuals and 100 businesses with education and protection of their identities. Gary has conducted educational seminars for small businesses and large companies on how Identity theft can directly affect employees, management, production and profit. Along with consumer identity theft and why people must protect their own identity.

Gary formed Identity Theft Solutions, after learning he had become a victim of Identity Theft. Clearing this situation up is what led Gary to establishing Identity Theft Solutions. The company mission, to educate and protect individuals, families, and businesses from this growing and vicious crime. He has created educational seminars and workshops where people can come and learn about this Silent Crime.

Session Previews

Presenter Troy Sandidge

Digital Marketing and the Power of Social Media
Presenter Gary Kasper

Exposing Identity Theft

Agenda at a Glance
Tuesday, February 23

9:30 - 9:40 AM
Opening Kick Off
President Will Lemanski

9:40 - 10:40 AM
Digital Marketing and the Power of Social Media
Troy Sandidge
Social Media is a platform for real networking, growth, and engagement for any business – and never more so than right now! Let Troy Sandidge, elite marketing strategist, social media technician and international speaker break down social media to key concepts and give you the tools to expand your online reach.

10:40 - 10:50 AM

10:50 - 11:50 AM
Buffalo Growing Buffalo: Develop Others to Live and Work Head-On
CultureShoc's Pete Honsberger
In this high energy session, CultureShoc's Pete Honsberger takes the Buffalo Mindset further into the development of your team.  As leaders and managers, we have a responsibility to develop and empower our own teams of Buffalo.  Bring your knowledge and thoughtful observations of your own team and be ready to work on:
Identifying ideal characteristics & behaviors of your team members; Concrete improvement strategies and tactics, and Consistent evaluation of your Buffalo Herd.

If you've heard the message before, get ready to go deeper.  If not, welcome, and strap in for a value-packed session that meets your challenges head on! 

11:50 AM
Thursday, February 25

9:30 - 9:45AM
National Update with IIABA President and CEO Bob Rusbuldt

9:45 - 10:45 AM
Exposing Identity Theft - Gary Kasper
Identity Theft is rapidly becoming America's #1 crime. A victim himself, presenter Gary Kasper has a nightmare personal story to share, as well as how his misfortune led to his life mission of educating people on the true definition of Identity Theft, just how at risk you and your family really are, and the best way to protect yourself.

10:45 - 10:55 AM
Big "I" Michigan Awards Presentation

10:55 - 11:05 AM

11:05 - 11:50 AM
CultureShoc: Buffalo Session (continued from Tuesday)

11:50 AM
Wrap up with Big "I" Michigan President Will Lemanski