Talent Acquisition

An Insurance-Specific Program

Big "I" Michigan has teamed up with a talent acquisition company. This isn’t just any partnership — with AEBetancourt, our industry is their specialty. The team at AEBetancourt has more than a decade of experience working with and finding high level talent for hundreds of agencies across Michigan and the United States. Prior to founding AEBetancourt, Principal Art Betancourt was a Partner at the nation’s preeminent provider of financial, operational, and organizational services to the top 2,000 entities within the insurance distribution system. AEBetancourt knows talent, and knows our business.

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Better Outcomes at a Lower Cost

Better Faster Outcomes at Lower Cost
The Talent Development Insourcing model brings a modern, unique solution designed to bring the highest quality candidates in record time while reducing fees by as much as 50%. They do this by:

  • Committing dedicated resources on a daily and weekly basis to meet your agency's specific hiring needs by limiting our searches to three or four per Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • Helping your hiring manager/team to define your agency's hiring needs and ideal candidate profile before any search begins.
  • Providing expertise in finding hidden talent and helping clients design strategies to improve the flow and quality of active candidates in their talent pipeline.
  • Utilizing a multi-step candidate selection process that thoroughly vets all potential candidates.

Complimentary Agency Workshop

Free Agency Workshop
Your agency's in-house or webinar workshop (at no additional cost) means you'll know exactly how to work the program to maximize results. Learn how to:

  • Increase your hiring success rate using the New Hire Success Formula.
  • Build a 360 Profile to find candidates in record time.
  • Uncover the elusive passive candidate.
  • Utilize interview scorecards to make better hiring decisions.

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