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What You Need to Know to Register for the Exam

1. Click here for instructions on registering for the exam. 

2. You must create a login account with PSI to schedule an exam. 

Please note: You will need to provide one of the following exam numbers to PSI when register:

Classroom Life/Health/Self Study Candidates

  • Provider Code: 0007 MAIA
  • Life & Health Exam Number: 16-80
  • Life Exam Number: 16-65
  • Health Exam Number: 16-66
  • Classroom Life Course Code: 60988
  • Classroom Health Course Code: 60989
  • Self Study Life Course Code: 60990
  • Self Study Health Course Code: 60991

Classroom Property/Casualty/Self Study Candidates

  • Provider Code:  0007 MAIA
  • Property & Casualty Exam Number: 16-81
  • Property Exam Number:  16-67
  • Casualty Exam Number:  16-68
  • Classroom Property Course Code: 60987
  • Classroom Casualty Course Code: 60986
  • Self Study Property Course Code: 60984
  • Self Study Casualty Course Code: 60985

3. For the Resident license application you must go to On the
    left side you will see Resident, click on “Initial License”  and from there you will be
    able to fill out the form. This is where you will pay the State of Michigan $10.00 for 
    your license. (there is also a $5.00 fee to register with NIPR.)

Please Note: you must print your receipt at the time of submitting the application, as it will not be available later.  Bring the application in its entirety including the receipt.  If not printed at the time of submission, an applicant must call NIPR customer service at 816-783-8468 to obtain a copy of the application (electronically) for their own records.

The following are acceptable document to verify proof of filing the application and fees.  See attached samples.

  • Receipt
  • Follow-up document
  • Email confirmation that the application has been submitted

4. For a content outline of the exam, click here.

5. For State of Michigan pre-licensing candidate required reading, click here.

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