All Members Can Use the Trusted Choice Logo

Results of an MAIA One-Question Survey revealed that many members were unaware their MAIA membership entitles them to use of the Trusted Choice logo at no additional cost to their agency.

MAIA members are encouraged to incorporate the logo in their stationary, business cards, signs and media advertising.

Trusted Choice logo

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Get A Free Digital Checkup

Trusted Choice® is offering a free “digital review” for agents who would like to create or improve their social media outlets and websites. Agents may request a one-on-one consultation by sending an email to a Trusted Choice staff member including links to their website and social media outlets. Contact Kevin Brandt for details.

Trusted Choice Digital Checkup 

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

Trusted Choice offers agencies marketing reimbursement


Tier 1: New Members and First-Time MRP Users:

  • New members and first-time MRP users receive up to $750 for use of the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items including, but not limited to, Freedom Campaign ad materials, promotional items, original advertising (non-Freedom campaign ads), or collateral items like business cards or stationery. 

Tier 2: Receive reimbursement for digital upgrade, up to $500:

  • All eligible agency members receive a one-time reimbursement up to $500 for a digital upgrade using a web developer/vendor, including updates to an agency website, social media or mobile app. The digital upgrade must include the Trusted Choice logo, Pledge of Performance, and link to the Trusted Choice website. Available for all agency locations who have not been reimbursed for a digital upgrade in 2016.

Click here for the application and guidelines. Questions, email Kari Quimby.


Why Trusted Choice?

WhyUseTrustedChoice-Taggable from Trusted Choice® on Vimeo.

Did you know videos on your website help your agency rank better in Google search? Trusted Choice has developed an animated video that discusses the different methods of insurance purchasing and why using a Trusted Choice agent is so important. Contact Madeleine Stern to have the video tagged with your agency information.

Break Away from the Pack

Take your agency's online presence to the next level with the Trusted Choice Advantage Subscription


All MAIA members can be found by consumers and businesses through A Trusted Choice Advantage Subscription – for personal lines, commercial lines, or both lines, bundled – advances your agency to the top of search results, provides you with exclusive leads and so much more. Click here for details.