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MSU LogoLicensing School

MAIA offers the best insurance training available in Michigan. Several times throughout the year MAIA offers a five-day licensing school for Property & Casualty and/or Life & Health is offered. The focused program gives you 40 hours of concentrated exposure. Licensing Schools are currently held at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Troy and Grand Rapids. These schools are designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass the state insurance licensing exam.

This program complies with the provisions of Public Act 173 of 1986 and allows us to certify that you have completed the required hours of pre-licensing education.

The 5 Day Licensing School offers:

  • A user friendly textbook
  • Michigan rules and regulations interpreted into everyday English

The cost of 5 day licensing school for an MAIA Member is $345 (non-member $365) and includes shipping.  This price includes the tuition, textbook and certification material.

Click here for the 5 Day Classroom Registration form.

How do I Register for the State Exam?
You will need to contact PSI directly at (800) 733-9267 to register for your exam. Or register online at


When registering, you will need one of the following exam numbers and course codes

Classroom Life/Health Candidates

  • Provider Code: 0007/MAIA
  • Life & Health Exam Number: 16-80
  • Life Exam Number: 16-65
  • Health Exam Number: 16-66
  • Life Course Code: 58845
  • Health Course Code: 58611

Classroom Property/Casualty Candidates

  • Provider Code:  0007/MAIA
  • Property & Casualty Exam Number: 16-81
  • Property Exam Number:  16-67
  • Casualty Exam Number:  16-68
  • Property Course Code: 58460
  • Casualty Course Code: 58461

PSI will give you a Confirmation Number. At the exam site, you must have the following:

1. Certificates of Completion (given the last day of class)

2. Confirmation numbers from:

  • PSI, for the exam reservation
  • NIPR, for the online application

3. Government Issued Photo Identification and one other I.D. (i.e. credit card, social security card, birth certificate)

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