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AgentPAC: Our Voice in Lansing

AgentPAC is MAIA's political fundraising program that works to ensure that the interests and concerns of independent agents are consistently heard by the regulators and legislators in Lansing. AgentPAC is the central point of contact for all of the state regulators and legislators.

Through our organization, and by our strength in numbers, AgentPAC provides the most powerful and effective tool we have to achieve positive regulatory changes for our agencies and our customers.

Answering Common Objections to PAC Giving
By Greg Rummel, Past Chairman, State and National PAC Committee and Current Vice President to MAIA's Executive Committee, Emil Rummel Agency, Frankenmuth

I have had the privilege of attending several of the MAIA Convention's over the years, but this year I attended as the Chair of MAIA's State and National PAC Committee. Being there in that capacity and helping to drum up support for our political and legislative efforts through PAC contributions was a real eye opener. Despite the fact that in our recent member survey 71 percent of you indicated that legislative advocacy was "very important" and 83 percent of you said that State/National PAC was either "fairly important" or "very important," fewer than 10 percent of you actually contribute to PAC.

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The Importance of Your Support
Through your support of AgentPAC, you help increase the prominence and visibility of independent agents among legislators. One of the most important benefits your contribution is able to provide is our ability to seek out and support candidates who will listen to independent agent concerns, understand them, and act accordingly.

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The Top Five Reasons to Contribute

  1. To safeguard the gains we have made.
    Not a single contract, policy or claim is worth the paper it is printed on if Congress or our state legislature decides to weaken or destroy it.

  2. To expand the opportunities and to increase the security of independent agents.
    Through politics, progress is won. Witness the legislative record of recent years: MCCA, Datalister, No-Fault, Tort Reform. These bear directly and beneficially on the lives of agents and our industry as a whole.

  3. To fulfill your responsibility as citizens and business people.
    The independent agency system can only flourish with the full participation of agents like you. It is easier to achieve our goals and to ensure our influence with legislators and regulators if we all stand together and use the strength of our numbers and AgentPAC.

  4. To obtain a state tax deduction.
    The first $50-$100 of your contribution is free thanks to the State of Michigan. A person filing a single return is eligible for a deduction of up to $50. A couple filing a joint return is eligible for a deduction of up to $100.

  5. To help share the load.
    We must all step forward in support of AgentPAC and invest in our future. One agent or even a small portion of agents cannot adequately protect the interest of all agents. Because of our numbers, we could have one of the largest PACs in Michigan if each member were to give just $33 per month. That is roughly the same cost as a good steak dinner, a round of golf, cable television or a health club membership. The greater the number of members who contribute, the lighter the load and the greater the success becomes for all of us.

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Can my contribution be taken out of my annual dues?
No. Unfortunately, state law prohibits us from taking any corporate contributions from our members for the purpose of candidate support. All contributions must be drawn from personal accounts.

How much should I give?
As much as you feel you can afford. Contributions are entirely personal and voluntary. Many members find that monthly billing of contributions is more convenient and economical. There are also other members who choose to make annual or quarterly contributions. Regardless of the method of payment, the important part is your commitment to protect our future as independent insurance agents.

When is the best time to give?
Now! Contributions are accepted all year long. Similar to an advertising budget for your agency, the key to our success with regulators and legislators is our ability to pool our resources and make sure that our message is heard loud and often. We are a heavily regulated industry. Every day decisions are made in Lansing that have the potential to impact our industry. That is why it is critical to maintain a highly visible rapport with legislators and regulators. As with advertising, the key to our po
litical success is repetition and saturation of our message.

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